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Including mine! So congratulations to the extremely slim percentage of people with still-active entries, who are now in line to win huge sums of money. Just two weeks ago, the Bengals seemed to be the peak of misery—not only were they winless, but the Dolphins seemed more committed to tanking than any team in recent NFL memory, trading away good players for draft picks, committing backbreaking turnovers, or allowing inconceivable touchdowns whenever games got close.

The Bengals were on track to lose a lot, but not enough to earn the top pick in the draft. You may think finishing second to last is somehow better than dead last, but let me assure you: The absolute worst thing anybody can be is second worst at sucking. Luckily for Cincinnati, the Dolphins got fed up with people saying they were tanking. In Week 10, three of the four one-loss teams won: In addition to Miami, the Jets beat the Giants, and the Falcons beat the Saints.

Washington is on bye, but they should win soon—they have upcoming home games against the Jets and Giants. The Bengals, meanwhile, remain the lone winless team in the league. Sunday, they got crushed by the Ravens, and lost by only that little because Baltimore removed Lamar Jackson from the game with a full quarter remaining. The Bengals are cruising to the no.

Earlier, it looked like their Week 16 matchup against the Dolphins would be must-lose material, but now, it looks like the Bengals can win a game and still get their pick.

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He got roughly 1 yard. But whether he got exactly 1 yard or slightly more or slightly less than 1 yard would decide the game.

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So, you tell me: Did he get in? Was that a touchdown for Christian McCaffrey? Because it was an NFL game, there was a camera on the goal line … but the critical view of the play was blocked by Panthers receiver Curtis Samuel, unfortunately standing directly in between the camera and the ball:. It's a game of inches I personally think McCaffrey got into the end zone from all the other angles. I believe the Panthers could have won this game if Samuel was a bit more transparent. On the first attempt, leading by five with to go, Chiefs long snapper James Winchester snapped the ball before holder Dustin Colquitt was ready.

The Winners and Losers of the Mexican Grand Prix

This never happens! This rarely happens on field goal snaps, when the snapper is looking directly at the holder. In a panic, Colquitt hurled the ball instead of getting tackled, resulting in an intentional grounding penalty:. Just when you think you've seen it all The Chiefs holder was just called for intentional grounding.

The Titans quickly scored a touchdown to take a three-point lead—the 10 yards from the intentional grounding put them 10 yards closer to the end zone, which was helpful. But the Chiefs quickly got in field goal range again.

Winners and Losers in the Turkish Attack on Kurds in Syria

This time, kicker Harrison Butker got his foot to ball on a potential game-tying attempt—but the kick was blocked by Titans cornerback Joshua Kalu, who got around the edge and swatted the ball:. Two attempted kicks, two catastrophes. Focus on the holder before the snap:. The problem on the first snap is that Winchester looked back, saw Colquitt looking forward, and thought that meant Colquitt was calling for the ball. It was just miscommunication.

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But what about the field goal block? After the game, many people claimed the Titans were offside on the field goal block , because Kalu got off so early. A few years ago, I wrote about the now-illegal trend of defenders jumping over the line of scrimmage to block field goals. The defenders were able to time the jump because they were able to read the signal from the holder to the snapper.

A football team is this enormous machine, with 53 players, dozens of coaches, and hundreds of plays. In the scale of this machine, the Chiefs had a problem the size of a speck of dust—a tiny, barely notable issue on one of the most routine elements of football. But that speck brought about their downfall. He completely dominated the Bengals in a romp, going for for yards and three touchdowns. He had a perfect The other: Ben Roethlisberger in First was this yard touchdown run:.

The second-coolest play of the day was when the Ravens debuted what they call the Heisman Package—a play when Jackson, who won the Heisman in , lines up with backup quarterback Robert Griffin III the Heisman winner and running back Mark Ingram the Heisman winner. In the spirit of celebrating college success, the Ravens ran the triple option—Jackson could have handed off to Ingram up the middle, but instead ran the speed option to the outside and picked up a first down before pitching to Griffin. Because Jackson got across the line of scrimmage before pitching, he technically was the ballcarrier on this play, meaning that Griffin ended the day with zero carries for 9 yards.

Talk about efficiency. The Heisman package made me reflect on how far Jackson has come—not just since he was a college great, but since last year.

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It might seem ridiculous now, but just 12 months ago, Jackson was essentially in the same role Griffin was today—a backup quarterback who came into games only if the Ravens wanted to run an unusual package in which Jackson lined up at slot receiver or running back. A year ago, he was the gimmick. The Ravens are in the running for a first-round bye—they have the second-best record in the AFC, and just took down the team with the best record.

Last year, Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes would have played each other in the Super Bowl, if not for a pair of unfortunate overtimes, and both missed significant time this year. Brees returned from his broken thumb two weeks ago, and Mahomes returned from his dislocated knee this week. However, their returns have not been happy. Sure, he threw for yards and three touchdowns during the game, but they lost.

We need to argue that the Saints need to go back to Teddy Bridgewater, who went in his stint filling in for Brees. And the Chiefs need to ditch this year-old so-called phenom and go back to experienced veteran Matt Moore, most recently seen taking down the Vikings. I'm certainly not saying Moore is better than Mahomes. But the Chiefs are playing with more spirit and fight than they did for Mahomes, who lost his last two home games.

Mahomes gets away with the jump-pass Play of the Day Mahomes was wild-high more than usual after missing the time for his knee injury. Ah, crap, Bayless already did these. Kenny Golladay knows that scene. Sunday, he stole a yard in plain sight, and nobody stopped him. The Lions, playing with backup quarterback Jeff Driskel, needed to score a late touchdown to tie the Bears. Out of timeouts, the team needed to scramble to the line of scrimmage to spike the ball, so Golladay decided to expedite the process by running to the middle of the field … and, just for the hell of it, he ran forward a few yards too.

Kenny Golladay spots the ball himself almost two yards ahead of where went down. Ref: OK cool, thanks Kenny that looks okay.

Surely, somebody out there won their fantasy matchup by. The Cowboys made Zeke Elliott the highest-paid running back in the NFL earlier this year, which is neat, because they also have the most expensive offensive line in the NFL. Sunday, they found themselves in that situation. Trailing the Vikings by four points with to go, the Cowboys faced a second-and-2 at the Minnesota yard line.

Their path to victory was easy—pick up a first down, run some clock, score a touchdown. She has more confidence and projects more competence than the other also-rans. But wow, that death ray stare! She took aim at Warren and hit the mark; at the close she spoke movingly about Senator McCain. He lifted the debate. Is he running for school counselor?

But how does he get to the next level? The Office of Reproductive Freedom?

Winners & Losers

What an awkward, unfortunate line. An office for reproductive freedom? Uh, no. He also sounded pained that Democrats are criticizing Democrats in a presidential primary, which they do every four years. And there were moments where she cut through questions with ease. But her exchange about Twitter with Warren was inexplicable and a real low point. She is misinformed. But mostly she sounds annoyed and affected. Discipline is her strength — she commands her facts and figures — but empathy is her weakness.

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But like so many others, she needs a breakout issue. Her campaign continues to lose altitude — fast. It was one of the most unbecoming moments of the primary thus far. America is moving on. Expect his poll numbers to be stable again. His petulance in the late exchange with Warren drew an unfavorable contrast with her stinging restraint.