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Their smell is less intense. Ready to use solution Pure Groove may surprise you its price as well as its cleaning properties. Another drawback: Isopropanol is a chemically simple organic solvent. It means that it cannot be used to clean old shellac records. After trying Knosti mixture once or twice, vinyl collectors usually switch to synthetic cleaners. Synthetic record cleaning solution is basically a mix of water and synthetic detergents.

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This solution decontaminates surface of a vinyl with the same ease, as alcohol-based cleaners. Amphoteric and non-ionogenic surfactant are used as an active ingredient in synthetic record cleaning liquid.

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Of course, antistatic is an obligatory component. Modern surfactants are safe for the environment and odorless. Besides, number of synthetic formulas, based on distilled water, such as Analog Renaissance Record Cleaning Liquid, contains components that facilitate evaporation.

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Record cleaning liquids may also be purchased in the concentrated form. The concentrated vinyl cleaners are the best solution for those collectors, who wash their records frequently and are used to preparing cleaning liquids at home. Big wash or simple cleaning - all you will need is a sufficient amount of purified water.

Both ready-made and home-prepared liquid cleaners are equally suitable for hand wash and for vacuum or ultrasound cleaning. They are interchangeable. Vinyl record cleaning liquid is sold in virtually every store that specializes on vinyl records and turntables. The thing is: vinyl care products are becoming just as popular as media itself. Stay in the trend - clean your vinyl! Picture yourself as a child, watching a record play. Under the translucent cover of the phono we saw a monotonous rocking of a tone arm, following wavy imperfections of the record.

And, as any kid would do, we probably removed this dust with bare fingers, listening to the speakers rumble. Alas, poor stylus!

It was a rough time for the pickup. And while those young scallywags still live inside us, grown-ups, now we know that such things are never OK. So I cleaned the stylus with my finger and wiped it with a piece of velvet, big deal, one would think. Toughest material in the world! But you got to remember, pickup needle constantly faces life-threatening risks: overwhelming pressure, dirt, accidental tone arm drops.

Without a question, both diamond and sapphire are very strong, but even toughest material has its limits. One sudden drop of tone arm can splinter the stylus and render it unusable. And broken needle can cripple all the records you try to listen with it, so be extremely careful! Stylus cleaning procedure is a must-do after you play a record and very desirable before listening.

And you have a lot of cleaners to choose from. For every need and budget! Most frequently used agent - specialized cartridge stylus cleaning liquid, or stylus cleaner. Both stylus manufacturers and vinyl accessories brands offer their exclusive formulas. Usually a cleaner comes with a brush, integrated with a cap, or separately, like Lyra SPT. The cleaners work with all kinds of styluses regardless of a brand or manufacturer.

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Original cleaner formulas have two purposes: to clean the stylus and to make no harm. Home-cooked solution with aggressive solvents may cost you a precious diamond - it dissolves glue that holds the gem in place. When cleaning, always move your brush in one direction - back to forward, as it happens during play. Get rid of cotton swabs and pieces of velvet. These materials leave behind lots of fibers. There are also non-liquid stylus cleaners, like, for example, Onzow Zerodust.

It looks like an elastic pad, soaked with detergent, and you need to press in stylus to clean it. To control the process better this cleaner has a lense integrated into a clear cover. There are more exotic ways to clean a stylus. Ultrasound is one of them. They can joke all they want, but stylus of your phono is worth caring about. Today audiophiles have lot to experiment with. Get into the habit of spending some time on your collection: keeping records clean and your turntable in top-notch condition. But only at first glance.

Sprays are used for cleaning records one by one. Speed is their main advantage. Spray is always ready. No need for extra time, space and cleaning container. Surface of all new records is covered with release agent. This compound may serve as a base for various contaminants, including dust particles. These very particles are responsible for noise, clicks and other sound distortion. Their abrasive properties also cause needle wear. Antistatic, which by default should be a part of any spray cleaner, has a protective function. It prevents dust aggregation. Cleaning procedure is simple.

First, sweep the record with a brush carbon or goat bristles are preferred. When soaked, wipe the disk dry with microfiber cloth. Move your hand in concentric circles from the center until you reach the outside edge of the record.

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Your turntable is not usually a great place for this procedure. Special pad for cleaning is definitely a good idea. You can make one yourself or buy it in the specialized store. Good spray comes with high quality microfiber.

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For instance, Analog Renaissance Magic Groove Cleaner spray is equipped with exclusive cloth, which shows excellent absorbing and cleaning properties. Only specially designed microfiber products are able to thoroughly clean all grooves of the record, eliminating dirt, grease, cleaning fluids without a trace - including their on fibers. On the other hand, Analog Renaissance Magic Groove Cleaner with its soft cleaning formula is the best solution for treating old records.

Using cleaning spray saves your precious time. Use those moments to listen to your favorite tracks.