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Customer reviews Related titles. Images Additional images. Customer Reviews Review this book. Series: One World Archaeology Volume: 6. Current promotions. Bestsellers in Archaeology. Britain Begins. More Info. Early Humans. Molluscs in Archaeology. Rethinking Ancient Woodland. The first anthropologist interested in studying material culture was Lewis Henry Morgan , in the midth century. He is most known for his research on kinship and social structures, but he also studied the effect of material culture, specifically technology, on the evolution of a society.

He believed that it was crucial for an anthropologist to analyze not only the physical properties of material culture but also its meanings and uses in its indigenous context to begin to understand a society.

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Durkheim saw material culture as one of the social facts that functions as a coercive force to maintain solidarity in a society. In archaeology, the idea that social relations are embodied in material is well known and established, with extensive research on exchange, gift giving and objects as part of social ceremonies and events.

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However, in contradiction to archaeology, where scientists build on material remains of previous cultures, sociology tends to overlook the importance of material in understanding relationships and human social behavior. The social aspects in material culture include the social behavior around it: the way that the material is used, shared, talked about, or made.

Museums and other material culture repositories, by their very nature, are often active participants in the heritage industry.

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Defined as "the business of managing places that are important to an area's history and encouraging people to visit them," the heritage industry relies heavily on material culture and objects to interpret cultural heritage. The industry is fueled by a cycle of people visiting museums, historic sites, and collections to interact with ideas or physical objects of the past.

In turn, the institutions profit through monetary donations or admission fees as well as the publicity that comes with word-of-mouth communications.

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That relationship is controversial, as many believe that the heritage industry corrupts the meaning and importance of cultural objects. Often, scholars in the humanities take a critical view of the heritage industry, particularly heritage tourism, believing it to be a vulgar oversimplification and corruption of historic fact and importance. Others believe that the relationship and the financial stability it brings is often the element that allows curators , researchers, and directors to conserve material culture's legacy.

Some observers advocate intentionally altering the material cultures created by current civilizations. For example, waste reduction advocates within environmentalism advocate teaching design approaches, such as cradle-to-cradle design and appropriate technology. Anti-consumerism advocates encourage consuming less thus creating fewer artifacts , engaging in more do-it-yourself projects and self-sufficiency changing the quality of artifacts produced , and localism impacts the geographic distribution and uniformity of artifacts.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Physical aspect of culture in the objects and architecture that surround people. The Material Culture of Multilingualism. Cham, Switzerland: Springer. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Polity Books. London: Routledge. Jackson, vol. The Journal of Economic Perspectives. Journal of Consumer Research.

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Personal Relationships. Understanding Material Culture. Retrieved 4 December Die Materielle Kulture der Ellice-Inseln. Materielle Kultur der Gilbert-Inseln.

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Retrieved 5 February University Vision. Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice 4th ed. Retrieved 20 February Ancient Society. The Limitations of the Comparative Method of Anthropology.

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The Methods of Ethnology. The Rules of Sociological Method. Structural Anthropology. Purity and Danger.

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