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TABS Story - How Samurai Giant Revenge On Tree Giant And Ice Giant

While the terrain you travel through might be the biggest enemy in Death Stranding , it of course has its fair share of monsters in the otherworldly Beached Things aka BTs. Get too close, and the humanoid creatures will drag you off, far from where they grabbed you, and throw you right in front of a larger monster called a Giant BT. Death Stranding gives you two separate early warnings before you can even get close to a BT.

Once you get caught in black timefall , the game will slow down again and your radar system, known as the odradek , will activate. The robotic arm on the left side of your outfit will spring to life and start showing you a series of signals to help you detect the invisible specters. First, your odradek will always face in the direction of the nearest BT. As you get closer, the odradek will flap faster and faster. If hit the scan button on your controller, you may spot the BT. When hit with the scanner at close range, the BT will even moan.

Scan again and it should not be difficult to miss the BT. Once of the first items you get are EX grenades.

Clash of the titans: The battle for India’s giant retail market

This is great if you happen across one in an area that you must cross. EX grenades are good at moving BTs around, but if BTs are still around you they can still pose a threat. These weapons use blood to cut the BTs connection to your world. A single hematic grenade can kill a BT, completely removing it from your current area and turning it to chiral crystals.

While this is an effective way to get rid of the smaller, humanoid BTs, what if they catch you and throw you in front of one the larger, miniboss BTs? Their forms will change throughout the game, but you still have two options when dealing with them: run or fight. When you are dragged into these boss-like encounters, the large BT transforms the current area to a small lake of black, watery chiralium.

This goop is hard to walk through and frequently pulls old buildings and cars from its depths, making it harder to escape. However, if you manage to escape the battlefield the BT has created, the encounter will end, and BTs will disappear from the area. Of course, you can always bring the fight to the BTs, if you have enough weaponry on you.

Between hematic grenades and other sorts of weapons you get later in Death Stranding , it is indeed possible to kill the bigger BTs. Doing so requires a lot of resources. To kill a Giant BT, assault it with whatever hematic-enhanced weaponry you have. The X factor In India, the grocery play is much tougher. Expensive logistics, deal-seeking behaviour, low basket size and the constraints placed by the Maximum Retail Price MRP legal framework make the operating model complex and a cash-guzzler. But these issues are par for the course, and every ecommerce player has grappled with them for years.

So what makes grocery different? In one word-assortment. The assortment of daily grocery needs in India shifts every few kilometres. The Gujarati household's needs differ from the Tamil household, which varies from the Punjabi household.

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This creates a layer of complexity not seen in any other market in the world. Which is why, even though modern retail has now been making inroads for years, with fantastic full-page ads and attractive cashbacks, the kirana store has held its own. The owner knows you by your voice, knows which particular kind of poha you buy and which masala you want. What's more, he's never out of stock-his boy runs next door and procures whatever you need, and he delivers home.

Death Stranding guide: How to avoid and kill BTs - Polygon

Even more, he is happy to settle the bill at the end of the month. Hell, he'll even remind you what you might have forgotten to include in your shopping list. The better-managed kirana stores have been growing and are becoming what the trade calls A-Class General Trade and these shops are finding ways to compete with the onslaught of Modern Trade.

Now very simply, you can fight to replace the role of the Kirana shop or you can make them your allies. Jio has chosen to do the latter. Besides the assortment issue, there is another advantage to creating a kirana-powered network-logistics. Now just go back to your Amazon or Flipkart account and track the shipments that you have received. You'll realise the colossal waste that ecommerce in India has been incurring. Items that are lying in a store barely a meters away from your residence are being shipped from a depot 1, kilometres away.

Add to it the inventory carrying cost, the damages, returns, and expensive packaging-you'll see that turning a profit, even at scale, will be nigh impossible. Now try this with grocery, where a short shipment item listed in the bill but absent in the package will certainly irritate a consumer. There is also the matter of delivering hard-to-find goods that are relevant only in that micro market. As Indians stop cooking at home from scratch, and rely instead on shop-bought chappatis and readymade gravies, a winning retail network will need to know the preferences in every location, possess the right amount of perishable stock and the ability to deliver quickly.

The winning formula What does a successful platform business do? It collapses the value chain onto itself. Think Netflix, Amazon and Alibaba. They all start as intermediaries but once the platform achieves scale, the money is made by owning or controlling the entire value chain.

An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object

This is the point where the divergence in the approaches of Reliance and Amazon get interesting. Amazon is fundamentally a platform for consumers. Reliance is building a platform for kirana stores, enabling them to deliver hyper local service on the supply side, and consolidating their purchasing power on the demand side.

The former will keep the customer happy, while the latter will help accumulate massive bargaining power and deliver much better margins. It will help kiryana stores manage their inventory and supply chain again a place where inefficiency needs to be rooted out , and bring the stores onto the smartphone.

It's a twin-pronged attack-on the one end is its own wide modern retail franchise and on the other, your nearest kirana store, which acts as a stocking point, and is able to serve your family the unique assortment it needs, all the while keeping the personal touch intact. Amazon on its flywheel is putting together a string of pearls of offline modern trade stores, via minority stakes and joint venture. It can't immediately enter or take control in offline retail due to the maze of FDI laws in Indian retail.

Now let's return for a moment to the new regulations, announced last week.

Death Stranding guide: How to avoid and kill BTs

It's clear that the game has now shifted to another level of seriousness. Foreign-owned online retailers have been using lacunas in the law and masquerading as pure-play marketplaces, while using clever workarounds to control inventory and undercut offline prices via so called exclusive deals.

They have had the door closed on them. As I mentioned earlier, the implications are yet to become clear. For now, it's for the domestics. Three mighty adversaries. Three divergent blueprints. Each will create its own allies and formation. The chess game to build India's dominant ecommerce flywheel is on.

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