Guide Startups Mexicanas: A guide to software entrepreneurship in Mexico

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Chalini moved to St. Louis from Mexico with dreams of bringing the art she sees in Mexican textiles to American culture. Her decision to launch Beautiful Mexicana came from her love of her Mexican roots and her country. Louis Tower Grove Park Market.

An entrepreneur’s guide to Mexico City’s tech scene

Some of the brightly colored, intricately embroidered Mexican tops and dresses even stand on display now at the Missouri History Museum. The rich craftsmanship in Mexican textiles showcases the beautiful side of her business.

The powerful side lies in the extraordinary level of trust she has built with her four suppliers in Mexico and the Fair Trade certification process she wants to complete for her growing startup. We delved into how fair trade works in the fashion industry.

Chalini explained that it takes a lot of work to become a Fair Trade business, but that she is focused on meeting all requirements for certification.

Brands and traders can become Fair Trade partners by using fair trade certification to support the producers in their supply chain. But, in fact, the praiseworthy, forward-thinking commitment to innovation demonstrated by the bill is nothing new. While still struggling to shed an uglier reputation, Mexico City in particular has spent the last half-decade earning new fame as an emerging entrepreneurial-minded tech hub. Not far from tech hubs like Austin and Los Angeles, Mexico City allows entrepreneurs to maintain close business ties with the States, and to enjoy access to the growing US Latino market.

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Moreover, it provides an ideal testing ground and entry point to the emerging economies of Latin America. After some time away, I recently traveled back to Mexico City to explore its growing tech scene.

What is Fair Trade Clothing and Why Does it Matter?

Within these buzzing districts, startup activity is fueled by the synergies of local meetups, big name conferences, recognized accelerators and community of coworking spaces. More coworking locations continue to pop up across the city, with a few standouts worth mentioning.

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The Pool coworking space has two locations in Juarez and Polanco, providing meeting rooms, office spaces, and areas conducive to collaborating. COW Coworking spaces across the city offer workspaces, and even entire floors for accommodating anywhere from 4 to people.

And Capital Coworking, in Roma Norte, offers 8 floors, with particular levels dedicated to fintech, professional freelance, and high impact entrepreneurs.