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Well, spoiler alert: it turned out fantastically. This is not the type of book I usually read. Even when we try not to judge others for what they read, we are often judgmental through how we profess our own reading tastes.

Visual storytelling does not fill the space in my soul the same way a page packed with words does. To read outside of that comfort zone. Sometimes that means trying on a romance or a thriller for size. Sometimes that means picking up an anthology of comics created by women who want to share their voices with the world. The whole thing about skin-lightening, for instance. Several women link the lightness of their skin to marriage prospects and family attitudes.

The variety of art styles might be distracting to some, but I kind of like it. I like the idea that in the future I can take this down from the shelf, open it to a story at random, and get something a little different every time. Mar 26, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: short-stories , sexual-harrasment , women , cartoons.

This is a good collection of different Indian as in from India women artists writing about sexual harassment, discrimination, and all the things that make life being a woman hard. Fourteen different artists either tell their own story or the stories of those they have interviewed or known.

Most of the issues explored in these stories, women of the Western, European world would be quite familiar with, except for the issue of having to be white. In India, people are all shades of light to dark, an This is a good collection of different Indian as in from India women artists writing about sexual harassment, discrimination, and all the things that make life being a woman hard.

In India, people are all shades of light to dark, and unfortunately the cosmetic industry, and patent medicine industry makes it a point to tell women that they need to be lighter, paler, and that if they only used their products they would be too. Although the Western world looks down on people of color, there is no industry trying to make them lighter skinned, that I am aware of. Sad that sexual harassment and assault is pretty much a world wide problem. They were touring locally, and said when they saw this collection that they had to publish it. I'm glad they did. Ad Astra slogan is "The Panel is Political".

May 23, Meepelous rated it really liked it Shelves: nf-sexuality-gender , ad-astra-comix , india. A really great collection of short comics, Drawing the Line is infused with the strength of the women who created it.

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These stories are each as unique as the women who created them, facing the worldwide problems of sexism and sexual harassment each in their own way. Giving voice to people and cultures we rarely if ever hear from over here in North America. An Ideal Girl, Someday and all other pieces were also nice. Nicely produced, a pleasure to hold and that end paper!

May 19, Becky rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics. This is an outstanding collection, full of impactful comics showcasing creativity and thoughtfulness. Get your mind off of the difficulty of the set by focusing on the details of your stroke and technique. Divert your attention from the exhausting nature of the set towards having a perfect catch each time.

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