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Condition see all Condition. New with tags New without tags 1. Used 1. Please provide a valid price range. Item location see all Item location. Ireland Only. To sum up, tho towm of Dlnant Is oe-itpoyed. It had 1. Rather more than of the Inhabitants have been killed; others hgve been taken to Germany and are BtlU detained there as prisoners, the majority are refogees scatterwd all through Belgium. It has been proved by our Inquiry that German soldiers while exposed to the fire of the French Intrenched on the opposite bank of the Meuse.

In certain cases sheltered themselves behind a line of civilian women and children. Bo It has been proved that H Is not true that the sacking of Dlnant was provoked by civilians shooUBg on the German troops, but this Is true: that there, as well as in all other places at the beginning of the war.

They have remembered the teaching of Bismarck, who wrote; above proclamation did not appear wfro looted and burnwl. Is it, therefore, admissible that, as slated by Mr. That would prove that tho sixth and sevtnlh were also burned. This report Fhows with the eloquence of figurc.

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George Burton Adams of Yale. For the Province of Namur It is expressly forbidden, without special permit of the Commandaiur, to loot the house or set It on fire. If In Dlnam there wa. Or when, after the Germans.

If Truth Be Told, They Were Indeed the Noble Germans 1870 To 1919

If It Is to be anything more than a mere form, must Im intende. Independent of any outside dominating power, was with little doubt the supreme Issue great European struggle of one hundred years ago. The imperfect ren,gmtlon U,,! At least I have myself no doubt that the final Judgment of history will ho that.

New York Times Newspaper Archives, Jan 24, , p. 64

If Germany an. That is. Hero are two pracUcal problenM. It Is p. Mllltsry supreniaty. Ami vet. If -uch ,. I for a.

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  5. Oq the contrary. Rooeevolt asks: Doe Mr. Roosevelt cites as a parallel the ease of a man assaulting another, or stealing his watch. The assaulted party, he saya knocks down the offender, or fails 'n his duty if he does not so act The Magistrate doe not arbitrate the question.

    Inflict any serious injury If the aggrieved nation Invoked International law Instead of fighting a war. But the essential point is that, if nothing were excepted, no nation would dare to ub-stitute violence for arbitration.

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    When we knew that France and England were going under there would be nothing that we could accomplish except to offer our own neck to the executioner. On the other hand. No more troop could then he moved from England, and no more supplies of food or munitions could enter England. France, or Russia. Mistress of the sea, Germany would probably win the war. If it would be our duty to save France and England if they were going under, was not my bolder plea of four months ago bettor? Would It not have been equally right, and more gen-erouJL to have hipped at once? University of Chicago, Jan.

    Mr offender. But ho forgot, tho. In the rrcsant ggn a crisis had been reached such m tlie world hod never seen since thd [fwat WlUtary nation.

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    This moral duty lay It sf all upon us, the strongest as I os most dlslnteresved nation out-I el the dispute. And if we had tm the splendid step. Nor could It. To the Editor of The Ntw York Timet: Some of the muitltiide of unemployed In and about tho city might turn their attention very properly to matters that relate to farming. Thl condition does not prevail In Amerlc9x. Out in the open country, however, there Is room for the man or woman, or man,. For the unemployed this Is a period of resting on tho oars. Favorable work weather here in the city may come sooner than ws can foresee.

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    It is a safer introduction into subsistence-farming than are many other ways of entry. Most of the valuable printed material relating to present-day farming in all of lU phases can be had for the asking If one only knows how and where to ask. A course of free public lectures, accompanied with free conference hours, is offered by Columbia University co-operating with the New York State Department of AgrlculUiie.

    Professor of Agriculture. Columbia University. New York, Jan.

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    I was hlphlv interest, d in M. New Y'ork, Jan. Suggeitlon for Celebrations at Regular Interval.