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He clearly understands that mom was the one who designed the suits he modeled and he was so proud and excited to be a part of it. Haute Scene. The Haute List. City Guide. Photo Credit: Christina Arza Madelyn Mejia set out to combine two of her passions into one: fashion and motherhood.

What inspired you to create the brand? HL: What did the launch process entail? Are all pieces meant to have matching mother-son options? HL: Would you look to expand to creating mother-daughter as well?

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Why is it such a huge trend right now? HL: How do these sustainable materials create such a luxurious feel and design? HL: How frequently do you plan to release new collections? HL: Where is it available? HL: Favorite moment thus far since its launch?

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Here she is, in her own words. You can find more of Madelyn and her kickass podcast, which I was just recorded for last night MaddyMoon. Nobody is alone in this battle and there is most definitely a solution just waiting to be discovered. I am so glad I can now share my discovery of that solution. I started my food obsession, body shaming, and negative self-worth at a really young age.

When I was about 15 years old I watched a television show that warned against the dangers of anorexia, bulimia and the likes. Even though it warned against the tragic habit, it was the first time I had really heard about eating disorders and it stuck in my head as something to try out later and see what happened. My relationship with food always depended on my relationship with my weight.

It was a terrible cycle that I seemed to never get out of.

I started the cycle as a vegetarian, mostly for animal rights, but it eventually turned into a weight control practice. I then realized I wanted the body of a fitness model and physique competitor, so I switched over to the meat eating clan and began to eat like a bodybuilder AKA six meals a day, every three hours, no salt, no fruit, everything had to be weighed and measured and eaten out of Tupperware.

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Soon enough, getting my body fat pinched every weekend was a typical activity, as well as my hour-long cardio sessions in the morning paired with lifting sessions in the evening. Amidst this loveless, foodless, deprived life, I was starting to become addicted to seeing my body transform. As the body fat melted off, my self-esteem skyrocketed.

UN-Podcast UNtimed (Madelyn Moon) @mindbodymusings - Finding Our Hunger — Kaila Tova Prins

As my butt got rounder, my smile got larger. After hitting the stage for my first and even second fitness competition, I gained a little weight back and returned to my average size. In fact, I was much stronger, healthier, happier, and fuller physically and emotionally but less toned. Womp, womp. The psychological struggles continued. I loathed my lack of leanness, I hated my distorted body image and I still measured and weighed my food in attempt to create that perfect body again.

I became really interested and really involved in the community, where I met many people who taught me to love myself no matter what.

me and madelyn finding ODers #2 PART 2

Not just physical strength but emotional strength. In the end, I decided beautiful means life. It means coffee in bed on a Sunday morning. It means an extra spoonful of peanut butter just because. Students prepare to move out for summer but face difficulties subleasing their apartments April 3, Students preparing to move out of their apartments for the summer face a costly burden: paying the rent their month leases demand.

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UT student founds business after clear-bag policy becomes standard at university stadiums March 9, After Texas Athletics passed the clear bag policy prohibiting non-transparent purses from all sporting events last August, biology senior Marie-Claire Huff took matters into her own hands. Huff said the two sisters began selling clear purses to a wide audience in September. UT students initiate texting service providing students with university resources February 26,