Guide Creative B2B Branding (No, Really)

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Communications agency FleishmanHillard Fishburn has carried out its own research into how brand affects B2B marketing and sales. Buyers also want to work with brands that have built up a reputation as industry experts and storytelling thought leaders. Claudia Bate, head of technology at FleishmanHillard Fishburn, says the C-suite is beginning to pay closer attention to how branding can help businesses stand out in a crowded market where the buying process if long and complex.

Creative storytelling, quality content and a distinctive brand identity are hugely important tools for breaking through the noise to drive real business value. Successful B2B marketers are twice as likely to think long-term, but the pressure to deliver immediate results remains intense. To tackle the growing effectiveness gap, we need to balance the long and the short term. More than ever, brand has a reciprocal relationship with business strategy.

Absolutely agree.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Return on investment is the metric of choice for many marketers looking to define the success, or failure, of their latest campaign.

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But what if a focus on short-term gains is jeopardising the potential for future growth? Tom Fishburne is founder of Marketoon Studios. Premier Foods is hoping to fuel its next stage of growth by creating two new roles — CMO and chief customer officer — to get marketing and sales working closer together.

Email address. Forgot your password? My team and I received overwhelmingly positive results when we broke these four unwritten rules of B2B branding. You can worry about building a brand later, once you raise more money, right?

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My experience has made it crystal clear to me that brand building and demand generation have a symbiotic relationship. A strong brand people want to do business with will increase demand generation, and more customers means more raving fans and brand ambassadors. Why would you give up half of that virtuous cycle? Follow this advice, and you might end up with the brand equivalent of a Miami retirement home.

Yep, that exciting. You can take your work seriously without taking yourself and your brand too seriously. Let your hair down. Unbutton that collar. Just get it out there. Be witty. Have fun. Be funny. I prefer to be a friendly helper in comfortable jeans and a Batman T-shirt. You have to be 10 times better, which is really hard to pull off. I am totally blown away by you guys. No one could have predicted the level of responses or the creativity that would be applied.

It's very gratifying to see our sales team adopt our messages and support them.

Creative B2B Branding (No, Really)

Of course, the work is only ever as good as the agency behind it - Birddog. The world would be such a brilliant place to live if everyone thought like you.

God, you're good. Every day I fall more and more in love with you. We give Birddog a brief and they get it instantly - integration and return on investment being key aims. They've turned our communications around from bland and safe, into the type our competitors want to emulate. Birddog took our complex corporate and product brand interrelationships, pulled them apart and threw them back at us in bite-sized pieces that made immediate sense and holds lasting value. Modern day alchemists.

Birddog has delivered everything they said they would and more. We have been cajoled, abused, entertained and educated all in the same project. The combination of strategic insight and creative flair is rare indeed and we are delighted to have benefited from the Birddog experience.

Selecting Birddog for the job was a complete no-brainer. We had one meeting with the team and just handed the entire marketing requirement over to them. Birddog's work has been exemplary. We selected Birddog for the refreshing and enthusiastic approach of everyone within the agency. We would never have dared tackle this marketing activity without Birddog.

Birddog was able to understand the issues, advise on them sensibly and deliver a creative solution to support those recommendations. It worked. Life doesn't actually get much better than that. Birddog's work hit the nail squarely on the head, delivering spot-on messaging and great creative work that has gone down a storm.

Birddog excels. Birddog's approach to creative development and delivery made the decision making process simple. We've never run such a successful programme before.

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All our objectives have been met and exceeded. Birddog worked hard to understand what I wanted and came up with results that not only impressed me but also my senior management; high praise indeed. We closed a deal within 6 weeks and had several more in the pipeline within 2 months. Birddog's success is being closely tracked by our parent company with a view to extending it worldwide. Birddog not only made me sit up and take notice, they convinced me of their understanding of our business issues.

They were able to articulate our proposition creatively and were integral throughout delivery. I'm happy. And I don't say that very often. Birddog has been fantastic to work with from inception to completion on all aspects. The search is over! The team at Birddog has done it again. Their ability to understand and respond to our needs time and time again is what makes Birddog invaluable.

It has taken five years for us to be ready for the Birddog treatment. Birddog was just what we needed. We gave them barely enough time but it all turned out brilliantly. Birddog has inspired us in ways that no one else came close to.

B2B Branding: Management and Strategies

Birddog's thinking is sound, their delivery is measurable and we have seen an immediate and on-going return on the investment. We were impressed with Birddog's in-depth market knowledge. We achieved in weeks what would have taken months with a less experienced agency. Not too shabby. Birddog helped us construct a brand story that secured competitive edge and increased performance. They listened, then created a customized path to brand transformation. We chose Birddog for our B2B brand positioning to challenge current messaging and differentiate within a commoditised marketplace.

We showed your work to the Main Board yesterday. It was quite emotional, in a good way. I wanted to say a big 'thank you' for the work you have done.